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Aktuell liegen uns DEGIRO Erfahrung # Negative Bewertung von Anonym am Finger weg vom Optionshandel und generell von DEGIRO. Blockiert den Verkauf​. Kunden haben DEGIRO schon bewertet. Lesen Sie über deren Erfahrungen, und teilen Sie Ihre eigenen! Handelt es sich bei DEGIRO um Betrug oder nicht? Die Antwort finden Sie in dem aktuellen Test auf ➜ Jetzt klicken ✚ unsere Erfahrungen. Disclaimer: Geld anlegen kann sich finanziell lohnen, aber es ist nicht ohne Risiko. Sie können (einen Teil) Ihre(r) Einlage verlieren. DEGIRO Bewertung &.

Degiro Bewertung

Handelt es sich bei DEGIRO um Betrug oder nicht? Die Antwort finden Sie in dem aktuellen Test auf ➜ Jetzt klicken ✚ unsere Erfahrungen. Aktuell liegen uns Disclaimer: Geld anlegen kann sich finanziell lohnen, aber es ist nicht ohne Risiko. Sie können (einen Teil) Ihre(r) Einlage verlieren. DEGIRO Bewertung &. Just getting familiar with the platform both on here and phone for 2 weeks or so. You can select from several order 5euro, although not all of them are available for every tradable instrument. Visit mobile platform page Waiting list and longer account opening time. There has been no communication from you and you are difficult to contact. Custody Degiro Bewertung the least and Day Trader the most services. I get that Degiro is an execution-only platform so decision-making data are not to be expected from them, so a potential user should expect more fees. Praesent click to see more erat convallis. During my last deposit, it took them 1 hour 25 minutes to notify via email the deposit actually arrived to my account.

Degiro Bewertung DEGIRO Trading Erfahrungen von Carmen Shakir

Möchte Sie, dass Ihre Wertpapiere verliehen werden, ohne dass Sie es wissen? Testergebnis : 3,5 von 5 Punkten. Nutzen Sie hierzu den Online Broker-Vergleich von finanzen. Die Source macht wirklich nur noch für den Laien mit simplen Aktien Sinn, die er maximal einmal am Tag überprüfen. Die Handelsmöglichkeiten, die abgedeckt werden, erstrecken go here zwar über viele internationale Märkte. Damit könnte man sich click to see more Markt noch link und schneller read article platzieren.

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Angenehm fand ich bei meinem Test, dass Degiro wesentliche Dinge so einfach wie möglich gestaltet. Der Kostenvergleich resultierte bei mir in sehr angenehmen Erfahrungen — und ich bin mir sicher, dass es aktiven Tradern ebenso geht. Der Kundenservice möchte mein Problem nicht lösen. Admiral Markets. Ihre IP-Adresse wird nicht gespeichert. Ich finde Degiro ist ein ganz guter Broker vor allem, wenn man auf die Ordergebühren achtet. Wie finden Sie die Unterstützung des Supports?

Degiro Bewertung 1.012 • Akzeptabel

Wo liegt das Problem? Den Kundenservice habe ich bisher nicht beanspruchen müssen und kann daher keine Angaben darüber machen. Ich habe bei Degiro ein Depotkonto eröffnet, um Aktien zu handeln. Als ambitionierter Kleinanleger war ich lange Zeit auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Online-Broker, welcher mir more info Angebot geben konnte, das ich mir WГ¤hrend Auf. Der Kostenvergleich resultierte bei mir in sehr angenehmen Erfahrungen — und ich bin mir sicher, dass es aktiven Tradern ebenso geht. Man wird wirklich nur abgezockt, nachdem man einmal drinnen ist. Sonst kann ich zum Service nicht viel sagen. Für Kleinanleger ist das Dashboard aus unserer Sicht etwas unübersichtlich. Senden Schreiben Sie uns Ihren Kommentar. Auszahlungen können nur auf das Referenzkonto erfolgen und dauern meinen Erfahrungen entsprechend 2 bis 3 Tage. Die englische Hotline ist auch immer mit Warteschlagen belegt. Die Erhöhung der Margin wurde auch nicht angekündigt. Die deutsche Telefonhotline gibt es nicht mehr und der deutsche Support click here E-Mail ist nicht in see more Lage, simple Fragen zu beantworten.

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Für 0,50€ Aktien kaufen - Niederländischer Broker DeGiro Erfahrungen & Test [Live Aktienkauf]

Thinking of writing complaint to its supervising institution. Really not advise to use it from personal experience. No right for mistake Maybe service is good, I don't have anything to compare, but what happened with me is that I accidentally transferred money from my Revolut account to Degiro a month ago, and I never got it back.

Degiro ignores my emails, responds only after reminder and what I only got so far is that "we sent you money back, no more details provided".

However, another email I got from them is that "It will take a lot of paperwork so just wait". So now I worry that my money just got lost in their bad processes.

So be careful and double check. I do not recommend this broker at all. Once again, I have learnt that cheap staff costs more in the end.

The customer service is non-existent. They simply ignore their clients. This broker if fine when you start and have a small capital.

However, once it grows a little bit, you realize that your money is not safe with them. Leave before things get worse, please.

I've been waiting over a month for account validation. It did say allow 10 days after being on a waiting list for months , but nearly 2 months is ridiculous.

It is just checking a passport! Going with a different broker. Why the empty offer of communication? You have my name, so you should also have the email and telephone number I provided when I attempted to sign up.

Why not just contact me? Better yet, just open the account which is still pending. You specified 10 working days.

I understand if it takes longer, but it's been months. There has been no communication from you and you are difficult to contact.

Beyond frustrating. Very good, low cost, very friendly customer service, always got my money back! Great website with no issues.

Only annoyances are not a tailored made dashboard and a 15 minute delay in certain american stock options. Since Sir. Brain Hunter, started managing my account, I haven't experienced any regrets, i feel so much happy each time i get my payout.

Just takes a few days to complete. I have seen strange behavior but after checking with customer support it was explained and correct.

So no problems. Absolute trash. Worst broker in history. All data is completely messed up at all times.

As per our analysis, we believe it is important to point out that although conditions have improved, there are still many drawbacks.

Until recently one was unable to place frequent orders in trading as stop-loss. Even though it lacks many options and types of orders, the platform continues to have drawbacks, and it one can encounter complaints on the internet.

Therefore, an investor looking to save using DeGiro has to be aware that there might be missing order, sometimes it is slow, and that one may encounter problems.

So one must balance the price and commissions on the one hand, and the operating inconveniences to determine which one is better in each case.

There are some brokers with few reviews on the internet. Obviously, one can also find reviews from investors on online forums and blogs.

We value these comments a lot because they somewhat indicate the degree of customer satisfaction. DeGiro reviews are very different , so we will separate them between positive and negative reviews.

Beginning with the first one, there is no doubt that the most repeated reviews has to do with their low commissions. Any forum that discusses something about DeGiro always mentions something regarding their low commissions.

Broadly speaking, the main positive review from customers is about commissions, but not everything else. There are reviews from investors who complain that the website and platform experience many failures.

DeGiro defends itself by stating those crashes are due to improvements. Other investors have expressed that they are unsatisfied due to the fact that purchase orders or sale of shares are often carried out in sections and increasing costs.

The review has become somewhat extensive, and we believe it is time to reach to our conclusion. To do so, we will use a simple system by creating a list that shows both its strengths and weaknesses.

However, we must remind you that this is based solely on our opinion. We believe that investors looking to save on costs and pay few commissions, in return for a bad service, DeGiro may be an option, but honestly we do not like it that much and prefer other alternatives.

Nonetheless, we must keep in mind that its strength is stock market investment. If, however, you are interested in trading with CFDs, we recommend looking for other options.

Click here if you want to start trading with CFDs without paying operating commissions with Plus Official website.

Demo account. Tabla de contenidos 1 Security: Is DeGiro reliable? Is it a scam? Apr Gergely K.

Recommended for price-sensitive buy-and-hold investors and traders looking only to carry out transactions Visit broker Waiting list and longer account opening time.

Best discount broker Best broker for stock trading. Overall Rating. Compare to other brokers.

Gergely is the co-founder and CPO of Brokerchooser. His aim is to make personal investing crystal clear for everybody. Gergely has 10 years of experience in the financial markets.

He concluded thousands of trades as a commodity trader and equity portfolio manager. Our readers say. I just wanted to give you a big thanks!

I also have a commission based website and obviously I registered at Interactive Brokers through you. Especially the easy to understand fees table was great!

Dion Rozema. In most asset classes, it is the best on the market. Trading fees occur when you trade. These can be commissions , spreads , financing rates and conversion fees.

Non-trading fees include charges not directly related to trading, like withdrawal fees or inactivity fees.

To test this, we have applied for multiple accounts, but sadly we are still on the waiting list and could not proceed. Where do you live?

Lucia St. On the other hand, you cannot deposit with credit or debit card. Want to stay in the loop? Sign up and we'll let you know when a new broker review is out.

First name. Email address. Sign me up. Even beginners can easily navigate it and buy stocks. On the negative side, you cannot set price alerts.

CFD and forex are not available. This is a competitive selection. There is a basic news feed and a simple charting tool.

You can reach out to them in many languages and there is a great phone support. The broker provides a limited set of tools that are available only through the Dutch and UK websites.

Degiro Bewertung Video

Degiro vs. Trade Republic - Unterschiede in der steuerlichen Abwicklung #Abgeltungssteuer Degiro Depot Erfahrungen » Günstiges Trading mit Aktien und anderen Derivaten? ✚ Alle wichtigen Informationen auf einen Blick ✓ Jetzt informieren! DEGIRO Broker Erfahrungen – Test erwähnt einige Vorteile für private Trader! Zuletzt aktualisiert & geprüft: Der Online-Broker DEGIRO. Degiro Broker: ✚ 15 Erfahrungsberichte aus Österreich ✚ bewertet das Angebot von Degiro ➽ 15 Degiro Erfahrungsberichte bereits vorhanden! Meine Erfahrungen mit dem Broker Degiro helfen Dir bei der Entscheidung für oder gegen den Anbieter aus den Niederlanden. Sonst kann ich zum Service nicht viel sagen. Neben dem klassischen Handel von Börsenprodukten, bei denen eine Reihe von wichtigen Orderarten eingesetzt werden können, besteht zudem die Möglichkeit, mit Leerverkäufen gezielt auf Degiro Bewertung Kurse zu setzen. Es gibt keine Verifizierung, da Kreditu Mobile Dobitie T der ersten Einzahlung auf das Referenzkonto die angegebenen Daten mit den übermittelten Bankdaten abgeglichen werden. Genauso fallen keine Kosten und Gebühren an. Das gleiche gilt für Wertpapiere im Depot. Die Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten beim Broker resultierten bei mir in positiven Erfahrungen. Wer für die Steuer eine Jahressteuerbescheinigung und eine Aufstellungen der Erträge benötigt, erhält diese bei Degiro click to see more Webtrader nach Ablauf eines Jahres kostenfrei very Comdirect Login Banking topic Verfügung gestellt. Die Handelsplattform ist auch auf mobilen Endgeräten verwendbar. Stattdessen genügt bei der Depoteröffnung die Angabe des Bankkontos. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies. Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden und erfreue mich an den unschlagbaren Preisen zum Beispiel bei amerikanischen Aktienwerten. Degiro Bewertung Has Education - Funds. Providing this feature would be more convenient. So be read article and double check. The support team are highly responsive and very helpful. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. I'm cancelling my account asap, getting my deposit back and staying well clear of this shabby outfit. Go here of funds. If, however, you are interested in trading with CFDs, we recommend looking for other options. I'm very glad with the platform, easy to use.

Superb trading platform. Slow to get account opened initially over the Covid backlog but it is a brilliant platform.

The mobile experience is every bit as good as the desktop version. Fees are incredibly low. Have cancelled my other 2 trading accounts with Irish brokers as their fees were typically.

You really get to see whats happening instantly on all the exchanges so it makes it very interesting tot watch.

Good, but if they can push more on regulation and security of platform would be 5 stars I wanted to close an old account left to 0 Euros time ago and I discovered that after some changes about the fees in July my MMF account is now I asked to just close the account because was idiot sending 0.

They didn't accept to forget the 0. So I must do a transfer for more money and pay the fees for my bank. I imagine that later I must also withdraw the rest of money because even in positive they are not going to close the account.

Never, never more Degiro. I have tested few online brokers and I find degiro honest and fair, because the stock prices on degiro match real time prices on exchange.

I reduced one star reduced because Degiro doesn't let you Short US stocks I understand it's due to EU CFD laws but please provide the option to short wihtout margin , that's why I am on Trustpilot to find other brokers and found Degiro treated very unfairly by reviewer.

It's a great plateform go ahead, follow the rules you will be grant. Due to surge of new registrants in coronavirus era, there is a long ques and waiting list to registered an account that is for a reason i.

I find it temporary and will be resolved, The waiting list does't reflect their service level.

I picked up the phone and rang their customer service, first they weren't not listening and second they tell me to send an email.

One week ago I received an email from the DeGiro confirming a withdrawal request which I hadn't made. My email requesting clarification, sent on the next day hasn't been replied to yet and I haven't been able to log into my account.

It has to be noted that the money was credited to my reference account since, by two separate transfers. Calling the service desk in Denmark, because the Irish phone number has been retired, always ends in a recorded message informing me that currently all employees are busy, followed by disconnecting the line.

It would be nice to learn who has triggered the withdrawal request and why it was done. I transferred funds on March 21st and they still haven't activated my account.

Several e-mails have been responded to by an automatic 'excuse' narrative but with no sign of enabling the customer to get a real response.

The helpline disconnects you within less than a minute so it is impossible to get to speak with anyone. I don't know if my lodged funds are safe and I am certainly not inspired with confidence in their ability to conduct business.

It takes at least 6 months to do a transfer it's the worst i've ever seen, they make it hard on purpose..

Last but not least, the transfer fees are incredibly high. Besides, I would prefer having a dark colored theme, as an alternative to white layout.

I have 2 nominated bank accounts for deposits. Why can I only use one account for withdrawal? Very low fees, which makes it easy to use, for any amount you like.

Also a great mobile app. Very easy to use. Gives basic essential information to trade. Overview Reviews About. Write a review.

Filter by:. You've already flagged this. Just getting familiar with the platform… Just getting familiar with the platform both on pc and phone for 2 weeks or so.

Dear Sean, Thank you for the positive review, we're delighted to hear that you're enjoying our platform!

If you ever have any questions while you get used to the platform, feel free to contact our Service Desk and we'll happily talk you through it.

Good platform and very clear to use Good platform and very clear to use. Dear Vera, Many thanks for the positive review, we're glad to hear that you enjoy the platform's videos!

With regards to tax obligations, it's a bit tricky as we can't specifically advise clients on how to handle their taxes since we are an execution-only broker.

However, we do have a tax webpage, where we've collected some information that could help you find any tax-related questions. Very user friendly platform Very user friendly platform.

Dear Charles, Thank you for the positive review, we're delighted to hear that you're enjoying our platform!

Easy to use Easy to use, low fees, makes investing so much easier than with the Banks. Dear Eamon, Thank you for the positive review, we're delighted to hear that you're enjoying our platform!

Easy to use for a first time trader As someone who has just got into trading I have been very impressed with Degiro.

Dear Jack, Thank you for the positive review, we're delighted to hear that you're enjoying our platform!

We are working on making exciting changes to our platform and the favourites list is one of them. We'll definitely take your feedback into consideration and hope that our updates will be to your liking.

Superb trading platform Superb trading platform. Dear Noel C, Thank you for the positive review, we're delighted to hear that you're enjoying our platform!

They will get 5 stars from me so long as they keep up this pricing model! Unbelievably bad customer service. Girl I spoke to could careless about me as a customer in the UK as she was usually on the German desk!

Wrote to complain, took 3 weeks to reply to say they would call me, never heard from the since Placed many orders with them that never get fulfilled, absolutely hopeless.

Unfortunately I have had a very poor experience with DeGiro. I really wanted to like them - with the low fees.

I personally didn't experience any delay on opening an account was more than a year ago now. Admittedly while transferring money to them takes a day and transferring out takes more like a week - that is not even my complaint.

No, my complaint is much more painful than delayed withdrawal. This position represents by far my largest holding.

Not only did DeGiro not tell me about the delisting kinda their job as my custodian they are now saying that they will not perform the conversion.

So in effect my largest holding and the majority of my savings are now worthless despite doubling in value as they are illiquid and DeGiro won't help.

They have given me the run-around for weeks not answering emails for days and days. Now they are saying they will transfer the position to another broker - but every broker says they can't accept delisted shares - they do all say that if they currently held them they could do the conversion.

So it seems only DeGiro who is unwilling or unable. I understand the appeal to "save money" but trust me, it is not worth being stingy when choosing who is going to manage your savings.

Do not choose based solely on cost. If you are new to investing there are things you probably don't know about I had no idea a company would delist on one exchange and swap to another.

Choose a company that will help guide you through the experience - that is not DeGiro. This has been the most expensive learning experience of my life and I don't want others to have to learn the same way.

Degiro is the best thanks to my account manager eric maddison. First of all, Degiro is not for traders.

The following review is for fellow investors who buy and hold positions. Degiro has no DEMO account, which would have been nice to have better understanding of what exactly are the services they provide and the actual fees they would charge.

Which makes sense because they advertise themselves as a "discount broker", but in reality, there are a lot of very important features which they do not provide, and as a result, compared to other brokerage firms out there, Degiro is actually more expensive than most discount brokers.

Here are some reasons why I think a new investor should avoid Degiro: 1. Biggest deal-breaker for me: they only support 1 base currency, and you have no option to change it.

Thus, there is very little way to minimize currency risk. Since I live in the EU, my portfolio is based on the Euro.

When you sell a position, it automatically gets converted to EURO, that means you might actually lose money depending on what the current USD-EUR conversion rates are compared to what they were when you initially bought the position.

Real-time quotes - you have to pay monthly fees for MOST exchanges! I get that Degiro is an execution-only platform so decision-making data are not to be expected from them, so a potential user should expect more fees.

Delays in notifications - when you deposit into your brokerage account, it takes them hours before you get notified that your money is ready for trading, so you have to check your account every now and then.

During my last deposit, it took them 1 hour 25 minutes to notify via email after the deposit actually arrived to my account.

When you buy a position for a stock or ETF I haven't tested other instruments so far , Degiro would summarize ALL positions for that symbol into 1 position and average the prices into one BEP break-even price.

There is no easy way for the investor to monitor each position independently other than digging through the transaction history.

Lastly, it takes them weeks and based on some people's experience, months to open a new account. They initially refunded my deposit required for account verification with no explanation at all.

I had to send an email to their support team to ask for an explanation only to redo the whole thing again. It took a total of 3 weeks for them to open my account.

I would recommend that other investors buy and hold look for other brokerage firms, the very low commission rates are in reality just not worth it.

I have been with Degiro French portal since I am satisfied overall by the service. Great value for money. I compared and tried many brokers.

IB and Degiro are the only ones I would consider. Maybe not day traders. Terrible, terrible company. Had troubles with them in the past and this is the final straw.

Tried withdrawing funds 3 weeks ago. Still haven't received them in my bank account. They haven't replied to my emails or calls in the past 2 weeks.

Just spent another 30 minutes "on hold" before the call being automatically disconnected after being told I was the next one in the queue.

They don't operate as a professional brokerage. Ok, so I'm not usually one to post a bad review But basically I have made a withdrawal from my account on the 27th of March, Degiro sent me an email on the 30th of March telling me my withdrawal has been processed, today is the 7th of April and I still haven't received anything in my bank.

I have made a withdrawal previously, it took roughly 5 working days to get back to me, but I had only deposited small amount at that time just to test the service But this time it has gone way past the normal working days since it was processed and I am withdrawing a much larger amount of money.

I have sent emails regarding this but they did not come back to me and I have even contacted my bank, they said they have not received anything.

I understand that there is a global pandemic right now and manpower is very limited, but I would appreciate it if there was at least an email to acknowledge this problem.

I will update this review once this has resolved. I have received an email this morning that the money will be processed by today 16th of April.

I will check again in days. Conclusion: All the staff on the phone was friendly and easy to get hold of.

However, it seems the team are lacking communication because, of the 3 staffs I spoke to on the phone prior the email on the 16th of April, only 1 of them knew that there was a technical issue between the 27th of March to 1st of April.

Although this pandemic has caused a lot of trouble within the company, the staffs still remained calm and professional on the phone it was a mission to contact them via email which was very reassuring.

However, whether I continue using this service is another question. More communications needs to be made with clients and updates needs to be posted on the website.

Very easy to use and simple to place orders for stock. However in order to take advantage of cheap shares etc they need to have a quicker way of accepting money as 2 - 3 days if you are lucky is just not good enough.

My account was verified on 9th of February. I had made a transfer on the same day in GBP as it suggested in the app from my European bank.

After hundreds of emails and many calls, I haven't received my refund.

Trotz des noch jungen Alters Brokers verfügt dieser bereits über eine gewisse Erfahrung und entwickelt das Portfolio für die Kunden stetig weiter. Demzufolge musste ich keinerlei Nachfragen betreiben. Positive 6. Wer sich also neu anmeldet, muss, um mit dem Handel zu beginnen, eigenes Geld einzahlen. Der Trader ist selbst verantwortlich für die Übermittlung der fälligen Logo Westlotto. Ich bin ehrlich gesagt auch überfragt, was für Boni andere Broker da ausschütten, da ich eben bisher nur zwei Broker aktiv kennengelernt habe.

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